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Kadomor Skyline (redesign) by shadowkotaro

Nicely done. I love the balance of the sizes of the buildings. It looks like a normal city skyline. I will say that it looks obviously ...

I will despise by Marie-Esther

I really like the attention to the detail in the design on his back. This is quite a unique drawing. It definitely screams what you wan...



It's been 8 days since I got back my Intelligence and turned the Ruins of the Star Library back into the Star Library.  Because I got my Intelligence back, I no longer needed the Scanner Goggles.  So we, I and Yuu, the Jade Dragon's human form, decided to sell them in Chikaran, the town closest to the Caverns of Stones, where the Shrine of Power was.  That was where my Strength is sealed.

I had just finished a spaghetti strap red top with two pink lines at the hem and above it, over a white short-sleeve top that didn't cover my shoulders, a lime green sash with a big bow on the left, a short jade colored skirt, brown high heel boots that stop beneath my knees with a small rose on two brown strips, and a rose connected to two black strings as a choker out of the cloth I got from the Hell Lion.  Yuu then came into my tent and told me to get to bed.  After he left, I put on my white nightgown with three thin straps at the shoulders, a thin pink bow at the back, frills at the bottom of shirt area, and lacing at the bottom of the skirt, which stopped above my knees.  To add to it, I had a bracelet out of white bands and a thin white hair tie that tied into a bow.  I then got in bed.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I heard a noise and I opened them.  I found myself in an area that looked like it was near the Boulder Canyon.  I looked down and saw that I was translucent and I was floating.  I then looked around and saw something shocking.  Ayren and Yuu were walking down the path, heading towards the Boulder Canyon.  They seemed to be talking.  I floated over to where they were so I could hear what they were saying.

'You haven't been the same since we met that girl near the Forest of Fire Ayren.' Yuu said.

'I will admit, I have been thinking about that girl, Aylaila Strayer, ever since then.' Ayren admitted.  'But I do not know why she occupies my thoughts so much.'

'Well get your act together!' Yuu admonished.  'We have to destroy the Barrier Crystal in the Shrine of Stone.  You know that the Hell Mole is waiting there. Plus, there are bound to be traps everywhere in there, like the Shrine of Lightning, Blazes, and Frost!  We have to be in top form.  Unless you have a death wish.'

'You're right as usual old friend.' Ayren said, sighing.  'I will try to put her out of my thoughts.  But I do hope I can see her again.'

'Get your head out of the clouds already.' Yuu said, sounding exasperated.  'Don't forget that you alone can defeat the Hell Dragon.  That's why the Sword of White Light chose you.  You have to focus on the shisetsu(mission) that it gave you.'

'I know that.' Ayren said.

The wind then picked up.  It was blowing so hard that I had to close my eyes.  When I opened them, I was in bed and it was morning.

I got up and did my morning routine.  I then put on the outfit I made yesterday. As I was making breakfast, eggs, waffles, and a fruit salad, I was thinking about that dream.

'That's the second time I've heard about that female knight.  Aylaila Strayer, I'm sure I've never heard the name before in my life.  But, it sounds so familiar.  I'm not sure why.  Well, I'm sure it'll become more clear as time goes by.'

Yuu came into my tent and we ate breakfast together.  I really wanted to ask him about that lady, Aylaila Strayer, but something told me he wouldn't say.  He then put down his cup of orange juice.

“I take it, from your expression,” Yuu started.  “You've been having strange dreams lately.”

“I, yes.” I answered.  “I don't really understand them though.”

“I can't explain them to you.” Yuu replied.  “Things will come to light on their own.  However, I can say that these dreams are Ayren's memories.  He's showing you what happened to him 2000 years ago.”

“But why?” I asked.

“Because, these memories will show you how his life went, both before and after he defeated the Hell Dragon.” Yuu answered.  “These memories will show you how he lived, and the choices he made.  These will help you find your own path in life.”

I kept asking more questions, but Yuu refused to answer.  Finally, once we were done with breakfast, I gave up asking.  We cleaned up the plates and I packed up. We then kept on the road to Chikaran.

Naturally, we ran into a group of 9 Dark Soldiers.  Yuu pulled out his sword and kept them busy.

Thanks to me regaining my Intelligence, I knew what they were weak and strong against just by looking at them.  The 3 on the left were weak to Fire, but were not strong against anything.  The three in the middle were strong to everything but Lightning.  Finally, the group on the right were weak to Water but not strong to anything.  I started channeling a Fire spell.

“O merciless conflagration, burn the very souls of my enemies!” I chanted.  “Crimson Flare!”

A large red sphere appeared around the three Dark Soldiers.  It then burst into flames inside the sphere, engulfing the Dark Soldiers in the flames.  The flames then crushed down to the ground.  I instantly started channeling a Lightning spell.

"I call upon thee in the land of the dead to unleash thy fury of thunder!” I chanted.  “Indignation!”

A gigantic purple glyph appeared under the three Dark Soldiers and several huge bolts of lightning crashed into them, leaving nothing but charred remains. Finally, I looked at the remaining three and began channeling a Water spell.

“O mother praised for her indigo light, break apart and raise thy clear new voice!” I chanted.  “Aqua Laser!”

I shot a large bolt of water at the three Dark Soldiers and they were crushed by the water pressure.  After that, I went and picked up the lavender cloth and the gold that the Dark Soldiers had left.  I put them away as Yuu sheathed his sword. I went over to him.

“Are you hurt?” I asked.

“A few wounds, but nothing serious.” Yuu answered.

I quickly channeled a Healing spell.

“Holy power, come to me!” I chanted.  “First Aid!”

Yuu was then surrounded in a small circle of gold light and his wounds healed.  We then continued to Chikaran.  After two hours we finally got to the city.  We first went to an exotic goods shop and I sold my Scanner Goggles.  We then headed to the center of the city.

“I'll go take a look around for any restaurants and any danger.” Yuu said.

“Okay.” I replied.  “I'll finish my shopping.  When should we meet back here?”

“In three hours.” Yuu replied.

We then went our separate ways.  I went to all the food stalls and got all the food I knew we needed.  I then went to the shops that sold the things I needed to do my sewing and whatnot.  After two hours and 45 minutes, I was done and I went back to the center of the city.  15 minutes after I got there, Yuu showed up.

“Okay, no danger, but I did find a good restaurant.” Yuu told me.

We walked down to the south of the city, near the road that led to the Caverns of Stones.  We saw a restaurant and went in.  A waiter seated us and we got menus. While we made our choices, I decided to go back to the topic of my dreams.

“Yuu, why do I feel like I know the woman that Ayren and you were talking about?” I asked.

“What was her name?” Yuu asked in a flat tone.

“Aylaila Strayer.” I answered.  “That name seems so familiar, but I can't say why.”

“I'm afraid I can't tell you.” Yuu replied.

“Why?!” I demanded.  “Why do I have to be kept in the dark about my own past?!”

“Ayren asked me to.” Yuu replied.  “He wants you to figure this out on your own. Also, he didn't want you to be overwhelmed by all these memories.  He wants you to focus on your own life and your shisetsu(mission).  Leave the memories to come to light on their own, they will become clear in time.”

“Have you talked to him?” I asked.

“No, he told all this to me before he-, before the end.” Yuu said.

“Okay.” I remarked.

I had a feeling that Yuu was going to say something, but he wasn't allowed to say it.  Well, if that's how Ayren told him to operate, I knew he wouldn't tell me, no matter how many times I ask him.

The waitress then came over and asked about what we decided to eat.  I got a turkey and cheese sandwich with lemonade, and Yuu got a ham and cheese sandwich with iced tea.  The waitress then left.  20 minutes later, our lunch came.  We ate in silence.  After we were done, we paid the bill and left.  After we got out of the restaurant, we headed towards the path that led to the Caverns of Stones.

“It'll take three days to get to the Caverns of Stones.” Yuu said.  “Provided that we don't run into problems.”

“Okay, then let's get going.” I said.

We started down the path that led to the Caverns of Stones.  I was still so confused about the memories I was seeing in my dreams.  But I knew no one would explain them to me.  I guess I'll have to figure them out alone...
I've been spriting for 14 years now. So I can do a variety of things. Here are links to the galleries of my work:

Trainer and Coordinator Cards……

Animated Trainer and Coordinator Cards…


Team Poses…

DPPt style OW sets………

RSE style OW sets…



Battle Sprites……

Princess Keys……


Well, that's the gist of what I can do. So, let's get on to the request templates. Asking you right now, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR GEN 6 POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a pain in the *** to get pics. And an even bigger pain to attempt to animate them. If you can avoid gen 6 Pokemon, please do. I will still do it but the request will take three times as long to get done.

Trainer Card

1. Name
2. Trainer Sprite you want
3. Which of the cards you want [URL="…"]#/lower case[/URL] or [URL="…"]#/capital[/URL]
4. Which Pokemon(tell me which ones are shiny, if any)
5. Which badges(Kanto, Orange, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos)
6. If you want a custom backround give me a pic
7. Animated or not

Coordinator Card

1. Name
2. Trainer Sprite you want
3. Which of the cards you want [URL="…"]#/letter[/URL](I made all templates)
4. Which Pokemon(tell me which ones are shiny, if any)
5. Star Pokemon
6. Specialty(cool, beauty, cute, smart, tough, all)
7. ID #(if you want a specific one or I'll just do random numbers)
8. Ribbons(cool, beauty, cute, smart, tough, all)
9. If custom backround give me a pic
10. Animated or not


1. Ribbon colors
2. Clasp color(gold, silver, bronze, crystal, Pokemon, etc)
3. Design scheme(Ribbon style, color style)
4. Clasp shape

Team Pose

1. Trainer Sprite
2. Pokemon
3. Words

DPPt style OW set

1. Picture of the person you want

RSE style OW set

1. Picture


1. Sprites
2. Colors
3. Text


1. Color
2. Design

Battle Sprite

1. Picture

Princess Key

1. Gem
2. Gem shape
3. General description of design


Depends on what you want.
* Trainer mugshot

1. Picture

*Trainer Back sprites*

1. Picture of their back

*Secret Base*

1. Type of secret base
2. Which secret base shape…………
3. Which decorations
4. Where decorations go

Okay, so, I was as specific as I could be. I'll work on the request when I have the time, I have a real life after all. I'm not charging for anything. If you have a request, fill out the form and post it on my profile page. I'll get to it as fast as I can.


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I'm a big Lacus Clyne fangirl. I'm a CompTIA A+ certified computer tech. I'm fluent in Japanese(self taught). I love cooking, singing, baking, writing, reading my 2 dictionaries, and doing pixel art. I love World of Warcraft. I have a Frost Mage, a Blood Death Knight, and a Prot/Holy Pally. I usually have surges of inspiration, then I run dry.

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