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Kadomor Skyline (redesign) by jayrush
by jayrush

Nicely done. I love the balance of the sizes of the buildings. It looks like a normal city skyline. I will say that it looks obviously ...

I will despise by Marie-Esther

I really like the attention to the detail in the design on his back. This is quite a unique drawing. It definitely screams what you wan...



It's the third day of my 5 day trek to the Shrine of Frost on the top of Mt Koori, the tallest mountain in the Snowflake Mountains.  Man, they weren't kidding when they say that the Snowflake Mountain snowstorms are brutal.  Thankfully, I bought the warm outfit from Yukiton, so I'm not cold, and I'm wearing my cloak that my mother made me. But it's hard to keep moving with the fierce winds.  I figured it was getting dark since it was getting colder.  I took out my tent and zipped it shut.  Thanks to the magic upgrades my mother made to my tent, it had heating.  I made a dinner of rice with fried chicken with carrots.  I then sat at my table and ate.  After I was done, I decided to make some medicine out of the herbs that the Dark Soldiers in the temples dropped.  Once I was done, I put the ointment in my lunch bag.  I still had a little time left before I went to bed, so I sat at the table and got out some of the silk, cloth, and other fabrics that I bought in Yukiton.  I made a sleek pink dress that cut open at my thighs and had light purple ruffles down my leg with white embroidery on each ruffle, and embroidered roses at the split.  To add to it, I made a gold choker with a heart shaped pink topaz and dangling gold chains, and a gold wire bracelet.  I finished that outfit with pink high heels, fake pink roses and white roses on a hair band.  I still had a little time, so I made a new white nightgown with three thin straps at the shoulders, a thin pink bow at the back, frills at the bottom of shirt area, and lacing at the bottom of the skirt, which stopped above my knees.  To add to it, I made a bracelet out of white bands and a thin white hair tie that tied into a bow.  I put my sewing kit and everything else away and put on my new nightgown.  When I fell asleep, my night got weird.

I was covered in a weird gel over my pink bikini that had dark pink ruffles on the v shaped down my chest and had a bow in the middle, and the bottom was a two layer skirt with dark pink lacing at the top of the first layer and bows on both sides, pink high-heel flip-flops that had a pink bow and ribbons that circled up half way to my knees, an orange bead bracelet on my right wrist, and pink and orange flowers on a light pink ribbon in my hair.  I'm shooting down really fast.  Soon enough, I see a Shrine.  I then swam to the stairs, and, as I get closer, my dream changed.

I was suddenly flying on a green dragon.  I had a white breast-plate with gold designs and studded with sapphires, white armored leggings with the same designs.  My quiver was white with a blue strap, and I had a white sword with a prismatic diamond on the hilt.  I had a tiara with a ruby on the left, near the middle where it triangled down, a sapphire on the right and a diamond in the middle, a gold bracelet on my left wrist with alternating red and yellow crystals, a silver bracelet on my right wrist with alternating blue and white crystals, my necklace had an amethyst on the top left, a ruby on the top right, a sapphire under the amethyst, a topaz under the ruby, an emerald under the sapphire, an aquamarine under the topaz, a pearl in the middle, and a diamond tear drop, and dangle earrings with a round sapphire on the dangles.  As we're flying, I hear voices, but I can't make out what they're saying.  I look ahead and I see a black castle.

“Well ~~~(I couldn't make that out), this is it.” I said.  “The final battle.”

“Yes, ~~~~.” the green dragon responded.  “~~~~~~~ ~~~~ gave you that ~~~~~~ arte and you can do it correctly right?”

“Of course.” I replied.  “Lost Light Sword Purification Drive, the ~~~~~~ arte that ~~~~~ used.  I can do it.”

“Good.” the green dragon said, sounding relieved.  “Afterwards-”

“You have something to say to me right?” I finished.

“Yes.” the green dragon said.  “It's very important to me.  And it's something to look forward to right?”

“That's true.” I agreed.  “All right, we should be hitting the negative barrier soon.  We'd better brace ourselves.”

Right as I said that, a dark fog gathered.  As we were about to dive into it, I woke up, sweating buckets.

'What was that?' I wondered.  'It was like two dreams in one.  That's new.  I wonder what they meant.  Well, I guess I'll figure that out in time.  But why was so much of the speech in the second part inaudible?  I could only hear like half of what was said.  'Lost Light Sword Purification Drive', I feel like I've heard that before, but I can't put my finger on where.  Well, I won't figure it out on an empty stomach.'

So I made breakfast, broiled trout, white rice, and boiled catniss roots.  As I was eating, I thought about the dreams.  What did they mean?  I've been having odd dreams more frequently lately.  Does it have to do with my powers returning?  I wonder, they felt so real.  I figured I wouldn't ever figure it out.  So, I cleaned up, packed up, and continued my trek to the Shrine of Frost.  It was still a two day walk from where I was to the Shrine, so I figured I would figure out the dreams by then.

What I didn't know was that, the black haired man who saw me in Yukiton, was on his way to Gaiason, the closest major town to the Shrine of Stone in Boulder Canyon.  With his presence came great danger.  I didn't know, back then, that I would walk straight into a trap, a deadly trap, when I got to Gaiason...
Chapter 12
Kinda short, but it's a filler I thought up on the spot.  I wonder why so much of the text was blanked out in the second part of the dream.  Any ideas?
Alteran Map by Ayrafeneres
Alteran Map
The places are:
The purple mountains are the Thunder Mountains
The red forest is the Forest of Fire
The white mountains are the Snowflake Mountains
The yellow-brown canyon is the Boulder Canyon
The light green island is Kaze Island
The blue lake is the Bottomless Lake
The pearl-white canyon is Maze Canyon
The forest is the Forest of Thorns
The white forest is the Woods of Misdirection
The swamp is the Vine-Covered Swamp
The gray ruins are the Ruins of the Star Library
The brown cave is the Caverns of Stones
The grey forest is the Misty Forest
The grey cave is the Cave of Nightmares
The beach is the Beach of Illusions
The grey village is the City of the Hopeless
The purple swirl is the portal to the Maze of Memories
And the black castle is the Hell Palace

All these places are important to the story
I do work for people, for free, and not only do I not get a comment on the work, but I don't even get a 'thank you'!  Geez, makes me wonder why I'm doing them in the first place if I don't get any appreciation and gratitude for the effort put into the work.


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I'm a big Lacus Clyne fangirl. I'm a CompTIA A+ certified computer tech. I'm fluent in Japanese(self taught). I love cooking, singing, baking, writing, reading my 2 dictionaries, and doing pixel art. I love World of Warcraft. I have a Frost/Arcane Mage, a Blood Death Knight, and a Prot/Holy Pally. I usually have surges of inspiration, then I run dry.

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