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Kadomor Skyline (redesign) by shadowkotaro

Nicely done. I love the balance of the sizes of the buildings. It looks like a normal city skyline. I will say that it looks obviously ...

I will despise by Marie-Esther

I really like the attention to the detail in the design on his back. This is quite a unique drawing. It definitely screams what you wan...



It's the first night since I left the Woods of Misdirection and the Jade Dragon, no Yuu, started traveling with me.  We had already had dinner.  I invited him into my tent for dinner, steak with garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, and a fruit tart for dessert.  He thanked me for the meal and left my tent.  He then set up his tent, said good night to me and went into his tent.  I got into my white dress nightgown with pink fake fur on the top, over my chest, and at the bottom, half way between my bottom and my knees, and two balls of pink fake fur attached to strings at the top and got in bed.  I fell asleep, but then opened my eyes to find myself in a pure white place, and Ayren was standing there.

“So, Yuu has told you who he is right?” Ayren asked.

“Yes.” I said.  “Ayren-sama(lord Ayren), I have so many questions for you.”

“Very well.” Ayren said.  “But first, let me explain something to you.”

“Explain?” I asked.

“Yes.” Ayren said.  “First, you will no longer have Premonitions.  I have blocked that so you can sleep normally again.”

“So, no more weird dreams?” I asked.  “That's wonderful!”

“However, you may still see events of the past.” Ayren said.  “They will help guide you.  However, now you will hear all of what is said.”

“!!  How did you know I couldn't always hear everything that was said?” I asked, kind of shocked.

“I arranged it that way.” Ayren answered.  “It wasn't yet time for you to know everything.  On a different note, when you are sleeping, Yuu will use your Powers to take his true form.  He will then use that to protect you.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“It means that, while you sleep, all your Powers will be gone from you and in Yuu.” Ayren answered.  “This will stop being the case when you regain the Abilities and Emotions I sealed away.  Until then, be sure to sleep soundly.”

“Okay.” I started.  “But why can't Yuu use his true form without my Powers?”

“Because, his power was sealed in each of the Powers, Abilities, and Emotions I sealed.” Ayren said.  “I did this to ensure that he could go unnoticed until you were ready to become the Warrior of White Light again.”

“I see.” I said.  “Is that all you have to tell me?”

“Yes.” Ayren answered.  “I'm sure you're bursting with questions.  I'll answer them as best I can.”

“Why did you seal away your Memories?” I asked.

“That was for your sake Ayra.” Ayren said.

“My sake?” I asked, bewildered.  “What do you mean?”

“When the Prophet told me my reincarnation would be you, I decided that I wanted you to grow up happy and healthy.” Ayren started.  “I wanted you to grow up unburdened by your destiny.”

“Then, why tell me when I was 16?” I asked.

“I left our family the edict that, when you were born, not to tell you of your destiny until you were 16.” Ayren answered.

“I see.” I stated.  “How are you here?”

“That, I can't answer just yet.” Ayren said.  “I'll tell you when the time comes.”

“Okay.” I said.  “So, now Yuu will help me in the Shrines?”

“No.” Ayren said.  “Passing the trials of the Shrines is your responsibility.  But he can guide you.  From this point on, a Prophecy Seal stone is no longer how you will open the Shrines.  You will need a special item to open them.  Each will be unique to the Shrine.  Yuu will guide you to the item, then to the Shrine, but he will not accompany you into the Shrines.”

“I see.” I said.  “And why-”

But then, everything became blurry.

“It's time for you to wake.” Ayren said.  “Goodbye Ayra, we will meet again, soon enough.”

Then I woke up.  I still had things to ask him.  But, he said we'd meet again.  I can wait.  I got out of bed and did my morning routine.  I then put on my white dress with spaghetti straps over a light blue top with dangling cloth over my shoulders and plain white high-heels.  I was making breakfast, eggs, bacon, and apples when Yuu walked into my tent.

“Good morning Ayra.” he said.

“Good morning Yuu.” I said.  “Are you going to join me for breakfast?”

“That's why I'm here.” he answered.

I put the breakfast on two plates and poured some orange juice.  We ate breakfast in silence.  After, Yuu helped me clean up.  We packed up our tents and everything.  We then continued down the road to Yuuga.  It was still a 4 day walk, but things won't be as lonely anymore.  I know now, thanks to Ayren-sama, that it will be harder to get into the Shrines, but, I can handle it.  I have to, for the sake of all the people of Alteran...
Chapter 34
I know it's kinda short, but I wanted to get this out quick, and I couldn't think of other things to add.
Last time:


'Phew this is tiring.' I thought.  'I'm getting really tired.  But I can't stop.  I have to-'

I thought no more because I fell to the ground and was sound asleep before I hit the ground.


I awoke to find myself in a place full of clouds.

'Where am I?' I wondered.

I looked around, but I couldn't find anything but clouds around me.  Then I saw a light.  I went over to where it was and saw a scene playing out of a man and a younger man, both with blue eyes and blond hair.  I decided to watch.

"Alran, are you excited?" the man asked.  "You're going to have a sibling."

"I am excited otoo-sama(father)." the young man answered.  "But we still don't know if my sibling will be the Warrior of White Light's reincarnation.  I'm worried."

"I understand that." the man said, with a sigh.  "Going by years, your sibling should be the Warrior of White Light's reincarnation.  That does not bode well.  We have always been attacked by the Dark Soldiers, but I'm afraid the Hell Dragon will send a massive force to kill us."

"Well, if my sibling is the Warrior of White Light's reincarnation, I wouldn't be surprised if the entire Dark Army is sent." the young man said.  "We'll have to prepare for the worst."

"That's why I went and spent about three fourths of the family fortune to buy all that would be needed to make a house that had all the protection possible." the said.  "Though it won't help that much against the Dark Soldiers.  Which is why Aylaya and I decided that, should our second child be the Warrior of White Light's reincarnation, Aylaya and the baby would escape to the Thunder Mountains.  Even the Dark Soldiers would suffer terrible losses to the Storm."

A short while after the conversation, a woman came to them.

"The child is born my lords." the woman said.

The woman then left and the two men then went into the room where a woman was resting.  The woman was my mother!  In my mother's arms was a baby girl with blue eyes and pink hair.

"What should we do darling?" my mother asked, frightened.  "Our daughter, Ayra, is the Warrior of White Light's reincarnation!  Her pink hair is the proof!"

"You and Ayra have to leave." the man said.  "I'm sure that the Dark Army is headed this way.  Take Ayra and the things we bought and build a home on the Thunder Mountains.  By the time you get there it'll be the summer solstice.  Get as far away from the Storm as possible.  But don't get too close to the Shrine."

There was a bright flash of light.  I closed and covered my eyes.  When I opened them, I was surrounded by nothing but clouds again.  Tears filled my eyes.

'Was that my family?' I wondered.

“Yes it was Ayra.” a voice behind me said.

I turned around to see who was speaking, but no one was there.  I kept looking around, but I couldn't find who was speaking.

“Why did I see that?” I asked.

“It was shown to you so you could see your birth.  Those two men, your father Aren, and your brother Alran, they sacrificed their lives to protect you.  The Dark Army, led by the Hell Dragon himself, attacked your birthplace not long after your mother took you and headed to the Thunder Mountains.  Alran used his powers to protect you by pretending that he was Ayren's reincarnation.” the voice said.  “Now wake!  You must not let their sacrifice be in vain!”

There was another bright flash of light.  I then woke up to find myself lying on the ground in the clearing where I battled that shadow of the Hell Hawk.

'So, that's what happened when I was born.' I thought.  'My whole family sacrificed themselves so I could live and fulfill my shisetsu (mission).  I can't let their lives have been sacrificed for nothing!'

I got up.  The aquamarine in my necklace started to glow.  A shimmering light blue path appeared on the ground.  I followed the path until I got to the tree arch.  I went through and saw a maze identical to the Shrine of Rain, water canals and all.  I got out my tent and put on my light pink bikini with light pink roses over the breast line, pink sheer in a triangle connecting the light pink covering my breasts, a light pink bottom with light pink roses over the hips, a pink sheer bow on the right, I tied up my hair with a hairband with a pink and an orange hibiscus and green leaves and I put on plain, light pink, high-heel flip-flops.

I jumped into the first canal and swam up to the platform in front.  There, I saw that there was a dam that was blocking a door.  So I figured I would have to find a way to move that dam.  I dived back into the canal and climbed up to the platform that was to the left of the front.  I saw what looked like a button on the floor. I went towards it when three Dark Soldiers dropped from the ceiling.  I fought them off and stepped on the button.  I heard a loud noise and saw that the dam had been lifted and all the water was draining.

I saw more dams, but I also saw basins with water.  I went to the first area and it had a basin of water, I saw that I could get under the wall in the basin.  I jumped in and came up on the other side of the wall.  I then saw a lever.  I went towards the lever and four Dark Soldiers appeared.  I killed them and pulled the lever.  The water in the basin drained.  I climbed out and saw that some of the water in the passage had drained and I could get to the next platform.

I then went to the next platform, but it had a canal of water that was moving too fast.  I then saw a basin of water.  I swam up the basin and saw a switch on the floor.  Then, three Dark Soldiers appeared.  I killed them and stepped on the switch.  The water in the basin drained out.  I went back up and saw that the water in the canal had drained and I could cross.  I went through the platform and through the door.

I got to a clearing.  In the back of the clearing, was the Hell Shark.  Its eyes glowed and I jumped out of the way before a spout of water shot up from where I had been standing.  The Hell Shark then opened its mouth and shot balls of water at me. I didn't have time to dodge, so I made my guard of my energy.  The balls of water splattered against my guard, but they were so powerful, my guard shattered after the last one hit it.  I decided to try and cause some damage while giving myself time to cast a Lightning spell.  I began to channel a Light spell.

"Imprison the heinous and cage the immoral!” I chanted.  “Shining Prism!”

The Hell Shark was then surrounded by four, large, hexagons of light and an octagon of light appeared beneath it.  The hexagons then shot beams of light from all directions, causing some decent damage to the Hell Shark.  All the while, I was channeling a Lightning spell.

"From darkened clouds, come forth!” I chanted.  “Bolt Strike!”

A ball of lightning appeared above the Hell Shark's mouth and shot down bolts of lightning.  One struck the weak point Gem.  The Hell Shark then vanished into shadow.  I got pretty banged up from that fight, so I channeled a Healing spell.

“O angelic princess, grant us your magnificent embrace!” I chanted.  “Nightingale!”

The image of an angel soared up.  It then vanished and the area was covered in sparkles.  The sparkles then healed all my injuries.

Then, my necklace glowed and a golden path appeared on the ground.  I followed the golden path until I finally found the exit and came outside of the Woods.  In front of me was a triangular blue tent with crescent moon and star shapes on it.  I lifted the flap and went inside.  I then saw a long table with a crystal ball and a chair in front.  I sat down on the chair and, suddenly, the Prophet was floating behind the crystal ball.

“Well done Ayra.” she said.  “You made it here safely.”

“Well, it wasn't easy.” I replied.

“Why have you come to see me?” the Prophet asked.

“There was a mark on my map.” I started.  “So I-”

“You needn't try to mask the truth.” she said, cutting me off.  “What is the real reason you sought me out?”

“It's a feeling I have that I can't seem to understand.” I said.  “Ever since I started my journey, I've felt like there was more I was missing than just my elemental powers.  Now that I have them all back, I'm positive something isn't right.”

The Prophet didn't seem surprised by this.

“You are correct.” she said.  “You sealed away more than just your powers.”

“What else did I seal away?” I asked.

“You sealed away the Abilities of your body.” the Prophet started explaining.  “The Grace that even the most acrobatic of creatures envied.  The Intelligence that made you shine brighter than any scholar.  The Strength that almost no living creature could match.  Finally, the last Ability you sealed away was the clarity of mind that allowed to to Read the Thoughts of others.”

“So that's what I'm missing.” I stated.  “Can you tell me-”

“You sealed away more than just that.” the Prophet cut me off again.  “You sealed away your Emotions as well.  The Courage that allowed you to face even the most frightening of foes without flinching.  The Self-Confidence that gave you the strength of spirit to know nothing of despair.  Lastly, the Compassion that allowed you to understand the feelings of all living things.”

“Is that all?” I asked.

“No, there is one more thing.” the Prophet answered.  “But I'm positive you already know what that is.”

“Yes.” I stated.  “The Memories of my past life.  Did I seal those away?”

“Yes and no.” she said.  “You sealed them away, but you left an opening that would allow you glimpses of the past and future.  You left your power of Premonition in yourself.”

“Why would I do that?” I asked.  “Why would I seal those away too?”

“To that, I have no answer.” the Prophet replied.  “You sealed away everything else because I advised it.”

“You did?!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, it was to prepare the way for you Ayra.” she said.  “As for Ayren's memories, he never told me the reasons.”

“Okay, then let's focus on what you do know.” I said.  “Where did I seal away my Abilities and Emotions?”

“You have a map correct?  Take it out.” the Prophet said.

I took out my map.  Then there was a flash of light and, when it faded, there were dots of light glowing on my map.  There was a red light shining in the deepest area of the Vine-Covered Swamp.  A blue light shone from the inside area of the Ruins of the Star Library.  A yellow light was glowing in the deepest part of the Cavern of Stones.  A white light glimmered from the thickest area of the Misty Forest.  A red-pink light shone from the darkest area in the Cave of Nightmares.  A blue light shone from the furthest northern part of the Beach of Illusions.  And a prismatic light shone from the Village of the Hopeless.

“Are these the places I need to go?” I asked.

When there was no response, I looked up.  When I looked up, I saw that the Prophet had disappeared.  I figured that these were the places I needed to go to.  I determined that the closest place was the Vine-Covered Swamp.  I put my map away and left the tent.

When I left the tent, I was surprised to see Yuu there.

“I've been waiting for you.” Yuu said.  “So, you know what you are still missing?”

“Wha-what do you mean?” I started to sweat badly.

“Let me show you.” Yuu said, as he started to glow with a green light.  “This is my true form.”

Yuu then shone a bright light.  I covered my eyes.  When I took my hands away from my eyes, a beautiful jade-colored dragon was standing where Yuu had been.

“Yuu, you are-” I started.

“Yes, I am the Jade Dragon.” the Jade Dragon said.  “I have been waiting for you for 2000 years, my old friend Ayren.”

“You, know who I am.” I said.  “How long have you known?”

“That's not important.” the Jade Dragon said.  “From now on, I will accompany you on your journey.  Things will only get more complicated from here on.”

The Jade Dragon then turned back into Yuu again.

“But, Jade Dragon, what do you mean?” I asked.

“Just call me Yuu.” Yuu said.  “I mean that the Hell Dragon knows you reclaimed all your elemental powers.  He will undoubtedly send hordes of Dark Soldiers after you. I can't allow you to die.”

“But, um, I-” I stammered.

“Don't worry, I have my own camping gear.” Yuu said.  “Now, let's get to Yuuga,  that's the closest town to the Vine-Covered Swamp.”

“Okay.” I said.

Yuu and I then started down the path that led to Yuuga.  I still have a long way to go, before I am once again complete...
Chapter 33
That took forever.  Partly because I lost the original version and the other part was because my program decided to act dumb.

A spout of flame erupted under the Hell Wolf's belly and struck the Gem.  It then dissolved into shadow.  I was so exhausted.  I fell to the ground.  I was struggling to catch my breath.  I was so tired.  I then fell unconscious...

I woke to find myself in a field with healthy grass.

'Where am I?' I wondered.

All of a sudden, my surroundings turned black.  I then felt extreme agony.  I screamed and fell over, my whole body in severe pain.  Then, all of a sudden, the pain vanished.  I opened my eyes and the black had turned white.  I got up and saw a blond haired blue eyed man in white armor, studded with sapphires, an elegant white bow and quiver, and a beautiful white sword at his hip.  He felt so familiar.

“Who are you?” I asked.  “And where is this?”

“You are currently in the dimension between the world of life and the world of the dead.” the man said.  “As to who I am, I think you already know.”

“You're Ayren.” I said.  “The Warrior of White Light.”

Ayren nodded.

“This place is between the world of life and the world of death?” I asked.  “How did I get here?”

“You were about to die.” Ayren said.  “Right before you passed on, I grabbed your soul and brought it here.”

“I was about to die?” I asked.

“Yes, I'll return your soul to your body.” Ayren said.  “But I need to give you something.”

Ayren opened his left hand.  A ball of light appeared from it.  The ball of light then merged with my body.

“Now, it will be easier to activate Overlimit, and, no matter how many times you activate Overlimit, you won't get tired.” Ayren stated.  “After you meet the Prophet, I will bring you here so we can talk again.  Farewell for now Ayra.”

“Wait!” I cried out.  But then, Ayren vanished.  I then opened my eyes.  I was back in the clearing where I fought the Hell Wolf.  I felt totally refreshed and I had enough energy stored for Overlimit.  I also sensed that the amount of energy I'd need to store to activate it had decreased by a ton.

'So, that wasn't a dream.' I thought.  'But, when I see him next, I'll ask him all the questions I have.'

Then, the topaz started to glow.  A yellow, shimmering path appeared on the ground. I followed the path through the fog until I got to a tree arch.  I went through and saw a maze that was identical to the Shrine of Stone, just without the boulders rolling around everywhere.

I was walking through the first corridor when I stepped on a tile, it depressed and I heard something whistling in the air.  I had enough time to jump out of the way when rocks fell to the tile I was just standing on.

'Sigh, I seriously am doing my whole journey over again.' I thought.

I was continuing through the maze when I stepped on another tile and I had to scramble to get out of the way before I fell.  There was a hole with a bottom full of spikes at under the tile.

'Just like the Shrine of Stone.' I thought, sighing.

After I ran through the maze, dealing with all those traps, I finally got to the door to the next area.  But the door was guarded by 5 black mole like creatures.  I beat them all and they dissipated into shadow.  I then walked through the door.  I was then in a clearing and, as I had anticipated, at the back of the clearing was the Hell Mole.  The Hell Mole's eyes began to glow.  I then jumped away before a huge group of stalagmites appeared where I had just been standing.

'As I thought, it got a power up too.' I thought.

I cast a support spell.

“O brilliant light, be as a wall to allay arms!” I chanted.  “Force Field!”

I was then surrounded by a sphere of golden light from my support spell.  Then, the Hell Mole opened its mouth and shot huge boulders at me.  I ran away seconds before the boulders hit where I had been standing.  It was time to activate Overlimit.

“It's time to take you down!” I yelled as I activated Overlimit.

I then cast a Wind spell.

“Wind Lance!” I yelled.

Green lines of wind slashed forward and shattered the weak point Gem.  The Hell Mole then turned into shadow and disappeared.  I was getting hungry so I sat down and got out my lunch, bread, cheese, and milk, and ate.  All the while I was eating I was thinking about all this.

'The Prophet said that the 'Light of Ayren's Soul' would guide my path.' I thought. 'So far all it's led me to is these copies of the Shrines.  I hope it isn't getting me lost.  Wait, could it be that this is a test to see if I'm worthy?  If so, what am I being tested for?  The truth maybe?  That would explain it.  If these are tests, I'll have to be careful.  I'll have to stay on guard.  Although those Hell Generals are shadows, they're far more powerful than the real ones were.  I can't afford to make any mistakes.'

I finished my lunch and got up.  The emerald in my necklace glowed and a shimmering green path appeared on the ground.  I followed the path into the woods until I reached the tree arch.  I went through and saw high walls.  Some of them had huge circle openings.  Just like the Shrine of Gales.

I walked down the path and followed it straight.  Then, at the fork in the path which was a continuation of the path on the right and an alcove on the left, the tile depressed and a fierce wind blew from the right and blew me smack into the alcove.  I tried to push my way out of the alcove but it didn't work.  I had to find a way to stop that wind.  I looked around and saw a green, glowing button.  I pressed it and the wind stopped.  But then, 3 Dark Soldiers seemingly dropped from the ceiling and I had to kill them.  They then dissolved into shadow.  I continued in this fashion until I reached the door.  I went through the door and entered the clearing.  I wasn't surprised when I saw the Hell Hawk.

'Sigh, this is getting to be like a broken record.' I thought.

The Hell Hawk then flew up and flapped its wings.  Spears made of air pressure then flew at me.  I jumped aside and barely managed to escape.  The place they hit made a big crater.  The Hell Hawk then flapped its wings and shot razor sharp feathers at me.  I ran, but they followed me.  I used my sword to deflect them into the ground.  I then cast a support spell.

"Aid the power to recite!” I chanted.  “Enhance Cast!”

I was surrounded by light and it flowed into me.  This allowed me to cast quicker. I then had to dodge some air pressure spears.  I quickly cast another support spell.

“Gather forth the elements' strength!” I chanted quickly.  “Elemental Impulse!”

I was surrounded by seven balls of light.  They were purple, red, blue, yellow, green, light blue, and white.  They then entered my body and my elemental attacks and spells were then powered up.  I then had stored enough energy for Overlimit.

“It's time to take you down!” I yelled as I activated Overlimit.

I then cast an Earth spell.  Thanks to Overlimit, I didn't need to chant anything.

“Gravity Well!” I yelled.

The Hell Hawk was then encased in a large, glowing brown sphere.  The sphere dragged it onto the floor.  When it hit the floor I cast another Earth spell.  I had to chant because Overlimit had ended.

“Let the ground beneath dance to my command!” I chanted.  “Roche Waltz!”

About five feet in front of where the Hell Hawk was being crushed, the ground opened up and a large boulder shot out.  The boulder then rolled forward then backwards.  When it rolled onto the Hell Hawk, its Gem was shattered.  It then dissolved into shadow.

'Phew this is tiring.' I thought.  'I'm getting really tired.  But I can't stop.  I have to-'

I thought no more because I fell to the ground and was sound asleep before I hit the ground.

To be continued...
Chapter 32
So, it's going to end up as either three or four parts.  Depending on whether I can include the meeting with the Prophet in the next chap.  It'll probably be four parts.
I've been spriting for 11-12 years, don't remember which.  So I can do a variety of things.  Here are links to the galleries of my work:

Trainer and Coordinator Cards……

Animated Trainer and Coordinator Cards…


Team Poses…

DPPt style OW sets………

RSE style OW sets…



Battle Sprites……


Well, that's the gist of what I can do.  So, let's get on to the request templates.  Asking you right now, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR GEN 6 POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's a pain in the *** to get pics.  And an even bigger pain to attempt to animate them.  If you can avoid gen 6 Pokemon, please do.  I will still do it but the request will take three times as long to get done.

Trainer Card

1. Name
2. Trainer Sprite you want
3. Which of the cards you want [URL="…"]#/lower case[/URL] or [URL="…"]#/capital[/URL]
4. Which Pokemon(tell me which ones are shiny, if any)
5. Which badges(Kanto, Orange, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos)
6. If you want a custom backround give me a pic
7. Animated or not

Coordinator Card

1. Name
2. Trainer Sprite you want
3. Which of the cards you want [URL="…"]#/letter[/URL](I made all templates)
4. Which Pokemon(tell me which ones are shiny, if any)
5. Star Pokemon
6. Specialty(cool, beauty, cute, smart, tough, all)
7. ID #(if you want a specific one or I'll just do random numbers)
8. Ribbons(cool, beauty, cute, smart, tough, all)
9. If custom backround give me a pic
10. Animated or not


1. Ribbon colors
2. Clasp color(gold, silver, bronze, crystal, Pokemon, etc)
3. Design scheme(Ribbon style, color style)
4. Clasp shape

Team Pose

1. Trainer Sprite
2. Pokemon
3. Words

DPPt style OW set

1. Picture of the person you want

RSE style OW set

1. Picture


1. Sprites
2. Colors
3. Text


1. Color
2. Design

Battle Sprite

1. Picture


Depends on what you want.
* Trainer mugshot

1. Picture

*Trainer Back sprites*

1. Picture of their back

*Secret Base*

1. Type of secret base
2. Which secret base shape…………
3. Which decorations
4. Where decorations go

Okay, so, I was as specific as I could be.  I'll work on the request when I have the time, I have a real life after all.  I'm not charging for anything.  If you have a request, fill out the form and post it on my profile page.  I'll get to it as fast as I can.


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Yup.  Will do any at anytime.  Well, as long as they're something I can do.
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HYPERJOSEPH Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
How about the characters here:…
Tuffen Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I just wanted to ask, you taught yourself Japanese, how long did it take you to learn to speak it fluently? And how did you learn it? If you don't mind ^^
Zifreeper Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ayrafeneres Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, uh, can you give me a pic with less in it?  Like, one with her standing with not so big a background.  And I need the outfit specified.  Not sure which one you want.
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