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Kadomor Skyline (redesign) by jayrush
by jayrush

Nicely done. I love the balance of the sizes of the buildings. It looks like a normal city skyline. I will say that it looks obviously ...

I will despise by Marie-Esther

I really like the attention to the detail in the design on his back. This is quite a unique drawing. It definitely screams what you wan...



Hmm, how to describe the Shrine of Rain.  I'm so stumped on that.
I'm less than half a day's walk from Mizun when I set up camp for the night.  I went to taking inventory of my provisions.  Once I was done, I concluded that I needed to buy: domestic chicken cuts, sausages, domestic eggs, rice, domestic flour, all types of noodles, some spices, milk to make butter, brown sugar, sugar, and salt.  I then prepared my dinner: a ham steak cooked in the last of my brown sugar, pineapple, and the last of my egg noodles.

After I cleaned up, I made a list of all the things I needed to buy at the market.  After I was finished, I put the list in my coin purse.  I then got into the white nightgown I had made and laid in bed for a bit, thinking about the dream I had a few days ago.

[I was walking with someone when we came across a swirling purple circle.  It was drawing me in.

“So, this the the ~~~~~~ that will lead me to the ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ correct?” I ask the person next to me, without looking.

“Yes and no ~~~~.” the person said.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“This ~~~~~~ will lead to the ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~.” the person replied.  “There, someone is waiting for you.  That person will tell you of the ~~~~~ you must pass to reach the ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~.  I won't be able to come with you. I will have to wait here.  But I know you can do it.”

“Okay, I'll see you later then.” I said.

With that, I put my hand in the purple circle and, just as I was about to jump in, my dream changed.

I'm standing on a hill, staring at the sunrise, with tears streaming down my face.    I had on a white breast-plate with gold designs and studded with sapphires, white armored leggings with the same designs.  My quiver was white with a blue strap, and I had a white sword with a prismatic diamond on the hilt.  I had a tiara with a ruby on the left, near the middle where it triangled down, a sapphire on the right and a diamond in the middle, with an hourglass dangle, a diamond shaped hair clip, a gold bracelet on my left wrist with alternating red and yellow crystals, a silver bracelet on my right wrist with alternating blue and white crystals, my necklace had an amethyst on the top left, a ruby on the top right, a sapphire under the amethyst, a topaz under the ruby, an emerald under the sapphire, an aquamarine under the topaz, a pearl in the middle, and a diamond tear drop, and dangle earrings with a round sapphire on the dangles.  Then, there's a shimmering of light to my right and I turn to see a man with blond hair, and armor on that was identical to mine.

“Well done ~~~~.” he said.  “The ~~~~ ~~~~~~~ is now gone forever.”

“And so is ~~~.” I said, with tears still streaming down my face.  “He was ~~~~~~~~~~ to ~~~~ ~~~~~~~.”

“I know.” the man said, with a very sad tone.  “However, you must know some things before I ~~~~~~.”

“~~~~~~?” I asked.  “What do you mean?”

“I existed to give you my ~~~~~~ arte and to warn you.” he said.  “After that, I can finally ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~.”

“But, what if I still need you?” I asked.  “I can't do this alone!”

“Yes you can.” he said.  “You are the ~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~.  You have now truly ~~~~~~~~~ ~~.  Look.”

Then, my clothes started to glow.  There was a flash of light, and, when it faded, I had on a long white dress with a sparkling cape that started at the waist, there was a gold belt that triangled down that had an oval sapphire in the middle and a blue pearl on each side, then, connected to the sapphire, a gold column attached to a large circle shaped sapphire, connected to the bottom was a long column of gold that had a large sapphire at the bottom which stopped near the middle of my lower legs, and, connected to the sides of the circular sapphire were two strips of gold that curved slightly and stopped at the edges of the dress.  In the middle of my chest was a sapphire that had gold, sparkling ribbons that encircled, diagonally, my upper body, the top parts of the ribbons each had two thin, silver, sparkling drapes that floated around my arms.

I was wearing a gold necklace with an amethyst on the top right, a sapphire below it, then an emerald, a pearl in the middle, then, going up the left was an aquamarine, then a topaz, and finally a ruby.  The necklace had a heart shaped diamond dangle beneath the pearl.  Then, halfway up my neck, was a circle of gold that had a sapphire in the middle and a blue pearl on each side that was floating there.  In my ears were earrings that had a sapphire as the stud, a column of gold an inch long that grew outward so it connected to a large, heart shaped sapphire with a bit of gold on each side to make it look like a crescent moon pointing up.  I was also wearing a hairpin that was a wing shape on the left side of my hairline.

On my right wrist was a circle of gold with a large red crystal on the top and bottom, and yellow crystals on the sides, and it finished by being connected by a larger circle of gold.  The same was on my left wrist, except the top and bottom crystals were blue and the crystals on the sides were white, and, instead of the circles being made of gold, the ones on my left wrist were made of silver.

On my forehead, there was a tiara, that triangulated down, with ruby on the left, a diamond in the middle, a sapphire on the right, and a gold hourglass shaped dangle.  The tiara's ends were connected to white pearls that went down the back of my hair, then there was an oval shaped pearl that the two strings connected to at the middle of my head, then, connected to the bottom of the oval pearl, were two strings of pearls that dangled to my shoulders.  Finally, I was wearing shimmering gold high heels.  Then, I felt a new ~~~~~~ ~~~~ appear in my heart.

“What, what is this?!” I exclaimed.

“This is ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~.” he said.  “Now listen to me, I'm running out of time and there are things you must know.”

“Okay.” I said.

“First, ~~~~~~~ is not the name of our ~~~~~, but this ~~~~~~~~~.” he said.

“What does tha-” I started.

“No questions!” he cut me off.  “Just listen.  The name of our ~~~~~ is ~~~~~~~~. There is a ~~~~~~~~~ outside the ~~~~~~~ that the Hell Dragon created to cut ~~~~~~~ off from any ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~.  There is also a great mist that surrounds ~~~~~~~.  In ~~~ ~~~~~ from this very day, you must go to the ~~~~~~~ to learn of how to save the ~~~~~~~~~ that is ~~~~~~~ of ~~~~~~~~.  For it is your mission and duty to guard the entire ~~~~~.  Good luck, and farewell.”

With that, he disappeared and I woke up, covered in sweat.]

After thinking about it, the man I saw in the second dream was definitely Ayren. But why would he be there?  And why was he translucent?  I wish I could understand all of this.

After thinking it through 5 times, I decided that I wouldn't figure it out now. I'll understand when the time comes.  So I went to sleep and, as per usual, my night got interesting.

I was sitting on a tree stump with someone at my left side.

'Why?' the person demanded.  'Why are you going to ~~~~ away your ~~~~~~~~?!  The ~~~~~~~ didn't say that you had to ~~~~ them!'

'It must be done.' I replied.  'There is no other option.'

'What does that mean?!' the person demanded.  'If you ~~~~ away your ~~~~~~~~, then your ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ won't know how to ~~~~ the ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~!'

'This must be done to ensure my ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ happiness.' I said.  'The ~~~~~~~ said that my ~~~~~~~~~~~~, will ~~~~~~~~ to regain my ~~~~~~, ~~~~~~~~~, and ~~~~~~~~ when my ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ turns ~~.  Until then, I want my ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to grow up unburdened by ~~~~~~~.'

'Sigh, I guess that makes sense.' the person conceded.  'Very well, I will stand by your decision.'

'Thank you, my old friend.' I said.

There was a huge flash of light and my dream changed.

I was walking with someone on a beach that was shrouded with mist.

“Be careful.” the person next to me said.  “This place will show you ~~~~~~~~ of your most desperate ~~~~~~~.  Do not be fooled and just follow me.”

I was walking with the person when something on my right caught my attention.  I couldn't believe it.  It was okaa-sama(mother), a man that had blond hair, and a younger man that looked like him.  Okaa-sama then looked at me.

“Ayra!  Come here!  This is your ~~~~~~ ~~~~ and your ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~.” okaa-sama said.  “They've wanted to meet you for so long!  Come join us!  We can live as a family again!”

I started towards them when I woke up with tears streaming down my cheeks.

I got up and did my morning routine.  I then put on a pink dress with a white sweater and pink high heels.  I then made breakfast, waffles with the last of my strawberries and syrup.  After I finished and packed up, I continued towards Mizun. During that time, I thought about my dream.

'Who was it I was talking to in the first part of the dream?' I thought.  'I wish I could see the face of the person.  But the second part, okaa-sama told me when I was young that I used to have a father and older brother.  That must have been them!  'Live as a family again'?  That's something I want so very much.'

Around mid-day, I reached Mizun.  I went to the market and restocked on supplies. I then looked for the exotic goods stall.  Surely the shopkeeper would know where to get something that would allow me to get to the Shrine of Rain.  I found it and walked up to the lady at the stall.

“Hello, how are you?” she asked.  “Are you interested in any of my wares?”

“Do you have anything that would allow me to get to the Shrine of Rain?” I asked.

“Ah, you're making a pilgrimage are you?” she asked.  “I have just the thing.”

She then gestured to a basket of clear gel bracelets.

“If you put one of these on, it will cover your body in a gel that will allow you to breathe underwater.” she explained.  “And we're currently having a sale!  If you buy two, you get the second half price.”

So I bought two of the gel bracelets and thanked her.  I then headed out of Mizun.  It would take me 3 days to get to the Bottomless Lake.  I hope these things work...
Chapter 23
Phew, that took a while.  What do you think of Ayra's dream?  Her family is dead, yet they weren't see-through.  What could that mean?
Totally bizarre, but I know how I want the sequel series to end.  Got it all figured out.  But I can't seem to figure out how to describe the town Ayra arrives at.  Then there's the Shrine of Rain to describe.  I have some ideas, not sure how I like them though.
I've been spriting for 11-12 years, don't remember which.  So I can do a variety of things.  Here are links to the galleries of my work:

Trainer and Coordinator Cards……

Animated Trainer and Coordinator Cards…


Team Poses…

DPPt style OW sets………

RSE style OW sets…



Battle Sprites……


Well, that's the gist of what I can do.  So, let's get on to the request templates.  Asking you right now, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR GEN 6 POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's a pain in the *** to get pics.  And an even bigger pain to attempt to animate them.  If you can avoid gen 6 Pokemon, please do.  I will still do it but the request will take three times as long to get done.

Trainer Card

1. Name
2. Trainer Sprite you want
3. Which of the cards you want [URL="…"]#/lower case[/URL] or [URL="…"]#/capital[/URL]
4. Which Pokemon(tell me which ones are shiny, if any)
5. Which badges(Kanto, Orange, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos)
6. If you want a custom backround give me a pic
7. Animated or not

Coordinator Card

1. Name
2. Trainer Sprite you want
3. Which of the cards you want [URL="…"]#/letter[/URL](I made all templates)
4. Which Pokemon(tell me which ones are shiny, if any)
5. Star Pokemon
6. Specialty(cool, beauty, cute, smart, tough, all)
7. ID #(if you want a specific one or I'll just do random numbers)
8. Ribbons(cool, beauty, cute, smart, tough, all)
9. If custom backround give me a pic
10. Animated or not


1. Ribbon colors
2. Clasp color(gold, silver, bronze, crystal, Pokemon, etc)
3. Design scheme(Ribbon style, color style)
4. Clasp shape

Team Pose

1. Trainer Sprite
2. Pokemon
3. Words

DPPt style OW set

1. Picture of the person you want

RSE style OW set

1. Picture


1. Sprites
2. Colors
3. Text


1. Color
2. Design

Battle Sprite

1. Picture


Depends on what you want.
* Trainer mugshot

1. Picture

*Trainer Back sprites*

1. Picture of their back

*Secret Base*

1. Type of secret base
2. Which secret base shape…………
3. Which decorations
4. Where decorations go

Okay, so, I was as specific as I could be.  I'll work on the request when I have the time, I have a real life after all.  I'm not charging for anything.  If you have a request, fill out the form and post it on my profile page.  I'll get to it as fast as I can.


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I'm a big Lacus Clyne fangirl. I'm a CompTIA A+ certified computer tech. I'm fluent in Japanese(self taught). I love cooking, singing, baking, writing, reading my 2 dictionaries, and doing pixel art. I love World of Warcraft. I have a Frost Mage, a Blood Death Knight, and a Prot/Holy Pally. I usually have surges of inspiration, then I run dry.

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