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Nicely done. I love the balance of the sizes of the buildings. It looks like a normal city skyline. I will say that it looks obviously ...

I will despise by Marie-Esther

I really like the attention to the detail in the design on his back. This is quite a unique drawing. It definitely screams what you wan...



It's been 5 days since I left the Shrine of Purity and reclaimed my Power of Light.  Iyashi, the village close to the Woods of Thorns, was in sight.  Hopefully, they'll have something that I could use to protect myself and my clothes from the thorns.  But, as I got closer, I saw something was VERY wrong.  There were wounded people, craters from spells, lots of blood, and tons of Dark Soldiers.  I ran as fast as I could.  I ran up to a lady who seemed to be in charge of healing the wounded.

“Ma'am, what's happening here?!” I asked.

“We couldn't afford the tribute last week.” the lady said.  “So, this is our punishment.  But that's better than another possible reason.”

“What reason?” I asked.

“I can not be specific, but there is an artifact of the Warrior of White Light here.” the lady said.  “Thankfully, the Dark Soldiers do not know of it, or the attack would be much fiercer.  Still, I do not know how much longer we can hold out.”

“I'll take care of it.” I said.  'If I get rid of the Dark Soldiers, maybe I could get the artifact I left here when I was Ayren.  As usual, I don't remember doing that.'

“How?” the lady asked.  “We couldn't possibly ask that of a child such as you!”

“Just let me take care of it.” I said.  “Have the fighters retreat back into the village.”

“But-” the lady started.

“Just do it!!” I screamed.

The lady nodded and motioned to the fighters to fall back.  I then walked to the front and faced the horde of Dark Soldiers.  I channeled a Light spell.

“Come, o silver light!” I chanted.  “Angel Ring!”

A huge pillar of pearly white light surrounded all the Dark Soldiers.  Then it pushed in and vaporized all the Dark Soldiers.  I turned around and saw the lady staring at me with an odd expression.  She then ran up, grabbed my hand, and dragged me into a large house.

“Okaa-san(mom)!” she called out.  “I have someone you need to meet!”

Then, a woman who looked to be in her late forties came down the stairs and walked up to us.

“Laileia, what happened to the Dark Soldiers?” she asked.  “And who is this young girl?”

“Oh, uh, my name is Ayra.” I said.  “Um, who are you?”

“I am Lithila, the mayor of Iyashi.” she said.  “So, Laileia, what happened to the Dark Soldiers?”

“Ayra-san(miss Ayra) destroyed them all with one Light spell!” Laileia said.  “Are you thinking what I'm thinking, okaa-san?”

'Uh oh.' I thought, sweating badly.  'This does NOT look good.  I need to get away.'

But before I could leave, Laileia cast a Light spell that prevents anyone from eavesdropping.

“Don't worry, Ayra-san, no one can hear us.” Laileia said.  “So, is my hunch right? Are you Ayren-sama(lord Ayren)?”

“Uh, um, er.” I stuttered.

'Great, my cover's blown!' I thought, panicking.

“It is true!” Lithila said, smiling.  “Wait here Ayren-sama.”

Then, Lithila ran back up the stairs.

“Oh what a happy day!” Laileia said, crying.  “Our prayers have finally been answered!”

“Huh?” I asked, confused.

“We have been praying for your return for 500 years Ayren-sama!” she said.

Then, Lithila came back down the stairs.  She was holding something.  When she got to where we were standing, I saw that the thing she was holding was a crest type thing with a green colored dragon surrounding a silver colored shield.  On the shield were the words 'Crest of Sacred Protection' in Ancient Alternion.

“Our family was entrusted with this crest by you, Ayren-sama, 2000 years ago.” Lithila said.  “We have guarded the secret of its existence all this time.  We were told to give it to Ayren's reincarnation, who would prove their power by vanquishing evil.  Although the name of this crest has been lost since no one can read it.  You are most definitely Ayren-sama.  So, I return this to you.”

She put it in my hands and, as I was looking at it, my vision suddenly got dark. When my vision cleared, I was standing in front of a village.  Then someone walked up to me.  I wanted to see who it was, but I couldn't turn around.

“It's finished ~~~~~.” the person said.  “It's made of empowered jade and shining silver.  I also imbued it with my ~~~~~ of ~~~~~~~~~~.”

“Thank you my old friend.” I said.

“Who are you going to entrust it to?” the person asked.

“I shall entrust it to the leader of this village.” I said.  “They shall give it to ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ when they appear.”

Then, there was a flash of light and I was staring at the crest again.  But neither Laileia or Lithila looked concerned, so I guessed I hadn't passed out or anything. Then, something strange happened.  The Crest of Sacred Protection shone a bright light and vanished.  Then, my hairpin started shining, then changed shape a heart.  I then remembered all my support spells.

“You truly are Ayren-sama.” Laileia said.  “We must tell all the villagers and throw a grand feast!”

“NO!” I shouted.

“Why not Ayren-sama?” Lithila asked.  “It would give everyone hope at last.”

“And how much do you want to bet that the villagers will spread that fact around?” I demanded.  “This journey is hard enough without more expectations and hopes pinned on me.  Besides, the people's behavior will alert the Dark Soldiers and that would alert the Hell Dragon.  He would torture and kill innocent people to find out about me.  My mission is to become the Warrior of White Light once more and protect everyone.  But I can't do that as I am.  I don't want lives to be lost needlessly.”

“I see your point, Ayren-sama.” Laileia said.  “Then, what do you need to buy here? We'll buy it for you.  It's the least we can do.”

“I was hoping to buy some white cloth, some light gray cloth, and some provisions.” I said.  “I wrote a list of what I need.”

I handed Laileia the list.

“Okay, we'll go buy these things.” Lithila said.  “Then you can sneak out of the village before people notice you.”

“Thank you for understanding, Lithila-san, Laileia-san.” I said.

They then left.  About half an hour later, they came back with the things I had asked for.  They then led me out of the village, saying that they would pray that I could once again be the Warrior of White Light and swore on the honor of their family line to not tell anyone who I am.  I then departed in the direction of the Woods of Thorns.  If all goes well, I'll become the Warrior of White Light once more after I regain my Power of Healing, right?  I can't shake the feeling that I'm missing more of myself.  I didn't know, at that time, how much more I would have to do to regain myself...
Chapter 28
Now, how to describe the Shrine of Mending.  Sigh, I'm totally stumped.  And this idea came out of the blue.
I finally arrived at Maze Canyon after a four day trip from Managon.  I got out the compass I had bought and entered the canyon.  I will admit I got lost several times.  At those points I checked the compass to head back north.  After a right turn I looked up and saw a group of Dark Soldiers guarding what looked like the exit.  They jumped at me and I fought back.  I quickly cast an Earth spell.

"Fall from eternity and into the darkness!” I chanted.  “Gravity Well!”

A large brown sphere surrounded the Dark Soldiers and crushed them to the ground while I cast a Fire spell.

“O seething fire, be as a holy beast to devour the wicked!” I chanted.  “Flame Dragon!”

A dragon head, made of flames, then smashed into the Dark Soldiers, burning them to ashes.  I then walked out of the maze and was immediately blinded by a flash of light.  When the light weakened, I saw a Shrine surrounded by a barrier of light. I saw a pillar of stone and walked over to it.  I then heard the voice.

'If you are truly Ayren, place your hand on this stone.  Ayren's touch shall remove the barriers blocking the path to the Power of Light.'

I then placed my hand on the stone and it shone a pearly white light.  I then heard a bell-like sound.  I turned around, and the barrier of light was gone.  I then went into the Shrine.

When I got inside, I saw strange statues with mirrors on them inside the first room of the Shrine.  I then noticed four crystal prisms.  Then I saw a place of the wall  that had light shining through tiny cracks.

I walked down the stairs and heard the voice.

'The beams of Light must shine upon crystal.  Light bends upon the reflective surface.  Only when the Light shines on all crystal shall the path be revealed.'

I had to think about this.  I deduced that I needed to find a way to make light shine on all the four crystal prisms by using the mirror statues.  Otherwise I wouldn't get any farther.  But the problem was, where would I find a source of light?  I walked over to the place on the wall that had light shining through cracks.  Then, out of nowhere, five Dark Soldiers attacked.  I quickly channeled an Earth spell.

“Fall from eternity and into the darkness!” I chanted.  “Gravity Well!”

A large brown sphere surrounded the Dark Soldiers and crushed them to the ground while I channeled a Water spell.

"Forces of nature, pierce through the heavens!” I chanted.  “Diffusional Drive!”

A well of water appeared beneath the Dark Soldiers and impaled each of them with a large spout of water.  Once they all disintegrated, the wall shook and opened up to reveal a beam of light.  I hurried and positioned all the mirror statues to bend the beam of light to hit all the crystal prisms.  The door then opened to the next part of the Shrine.

When I went to the next room, I saw 3 crystal prisms, mirror statues, and an area that light shone through cracks.  I walked down the stairs and heard the voice.

'The beams of Light must shine upon crystal.  Dwell not on what lies below, for Light must shine upon all.  Look to the Heavens to see all that is.  Upon reflective surfaces, shine Light to all.'

I had to think about that for a moment.  I then looked at one of the mirror statues.  The one I was looking at would reflect light to the ceiling.  I looked up and saw a crystal prism on the ceiling.  I figured that I had to shine light on the one on the ceiling too.  So I went over to the area with the light and 4 Dark Soldiers dropped from the ceiling.  I fought them off with my sword Lightning artes.  Then, when they were all gone, the barrier opened and a beam of light shone through.  I then positioned the mirror statues to shine the light on the 4 crystal prisms.  The door then opened.  I then went through the door to the next part of the Shrine.

When I got there, I saw 3 crystal prisms on the ground, but this time, there were barriers that closed them off.  There were many mirror statues.  I looked up and saw a crystal prism on the ceiling.  I walked down the stairs.  I then heard the voice.

'The beams of Light must shine on crystal.  The guardians block the crystal from the Light.  Through all adversary, Light must shine.  Remove the barriers and let the Light shine on reflective surface and crystal.'

I thought about that and determined that I'd have to find a way to get the barriers out of the way.  I went over to where the beam of light was being blocked.  Then, 4 Dark Soldiers appeared.  I fought them off.  When they were all destroyed, the barrier blocking the light moved.  I moved a mirror statue to hit the first crystal, but it was blocked by the barriers.  I went over to the barriers and 4 Dark Soldiers appeared.  I quickly cast a Water spell.

"Majestic indigo ruler of all lands, let loose thy churning tempest to engorge on this; a misfortune...” I chanted.  “Maelstrom!”

A whirlpool of water surrounds the Dark Soldiers and disintegrated them.  Once they were all dead the barriers disappeared, allowing the light to shine.  I positioned the mirror statues to hit the last crystal prism on the ground and walked over to the barriers.  Then, 4 Dark Soldiers attacked.  I dodged them all and cast a Water spell.

“O mad and greedy waters, rise up and storm the very heavens!” I chanted.  “Tidal Wave!”

A whirl of water surrounded the Dark Soldiers, damaging them and then pushing them upwards and squeezed them to death with the water pressure.  The barriers then dropped and I arranged the mirror statues to hit the crystal prism on the ceiling. When all four of them were shining, the door opened.  I walked through the door.

When I got into the next room, I saw the Altar.  Hovering above it was a sphere of pearly white light.  I walked down the stairs when the room started to quake. Then, a black tiger with white stripes and a teardrop shaped gem in between its eyes, fell from the ceiling.

“I am the Hell Tiger, a Hell General of the Dark Soldiers of the Dark Army!” it shouted in Ancient Alternion.  “If you are here, you could only be Ayren!”

“That's right!” I yelled in Ancient Alternion.  “I am Ayren, the Warrior of White Light, and I am here to reclaim my Powers of Light!”

“I will kill you here and now Ayren!” the Hell Tiger yelled.

It then leaped at me.  I barely managed to avoid its claws.  It moved so fast I couldn't cast any spells.  I wanted to use my bow, but it would pounce at me before I could aim.  I was getting pretty slashed up.  Then, time stopped and I heard the voice.

'Destroy the hole in the left wall!  That will blind it!  Then the weak spot Gem is in-between its eyes!”

Time returned to normal.  I looked at the left wall and, sure enough, there was a place with cracks and light was shining from the cracks.  I cast a basic Fire spell that didn't require much chanting and was cast quickly.

“Blaze forth.” I quickly chanted.  “Fireball!”

It summoned three balls of flame above my head.  I aimed the three balls of flame at the biggest crack in the wall and it shattered, causing a large beam of light to shine on the Hell Tiger.  It screamed in agony and tried to cover its eyes.  I ran forward and used a Fire sword arte to destroy the Gem.  Immediately, the Hell Tiger disintegrated, leaving behind some pink silk, some light pink sheer silk, and a large mound of money.  I limped over, I was covered in claw marks, my clothes were hacked up and blood was staining what cloth was left.  I put the money in my new coin purse that I had bought at the festival in Managon and put the silk in my pack.  My pack, coin purse, and water skin were spelled against damage so they weren't torn.  I then limped over to the Altar.  I heard the voice.

'Reclaim the Powers of Light that you sent to slumber here.'

The sphere then shone a bright light.  When the light faded, the sphere had turned into a pearl.  It floated towards me and there was another flash of light.  When the light faded, the pearl was under the emerald in my necklace.  I was then surrounded by a sphere of pearly white light.  My clothes were fixed and my wounds disappeared.  At the same time, I remembered all the Light spells and weapon artes that I had sealed here.  Then, a circle of light appeared to the right of the Altar.  I stepped into it and I was then outside the Shrine.

The next Shrine is the last one I sealed one of my Powers in.  I will become the Warrior of White Light again after I regain the Power of Healing.  But something still feels off.  I took out my map.  I figured it would take me 5 days to get to Iyashi, I would have to buy something there to protect my body and clothes when I go to the Woods of Thorns, in order to get to the last Shrine, the Shrine of Mending.  According to the map, getting from Iyashi to the Woods of Thorns would take at least a week.  With that, I put my map away and headed down the path that would get me to Iyashi.  Little did I know that, once I got to Iyashi, a dangerous situation would befall me.  One that could endanger all the people of Alteran and jeopardize my mission...
Chapter 27
Phew, finally done.  I'm already almost done with the next chapter.
After a week's walk, I finally made it to Managon.  I entered the city and saw all sorts of decorations.  I went over to a lady who was putting up decorations on her house.

“Excuse me, what festival is this?” I asked.

“It's the Hope Era Festival.” she said.  “Where everyone forgets about their troubles and has fun.  We have stalls that are dedicated to all the processes of making things that was developed in the Hope Era.  Things like jewelry making, glass blowing, candle making, dress making, things like that.  People dress up in outfits that were worn in the Hope Era.  At the end of the festival, which is today, we hold a play that showcases how the Warrior of White Light and the Jade Dragon defeated the Hell Dragon.”

“Oh, thank you for telling me this.” I said, sweating a bit.

I walked away and thought about what she said.

'A festival about the Hope Era I brought about?' I thought.  'Sheesh, I have so many people who are hoping for me to save them.  A play about how I defeated the Hell Dragon?  Oh geez.  But, this festival looks fun.  I'll stay here for the day and try to forget about my mission for a day.'

I was so lost in thought that I walked right into someone.  As I started to fall, the person grabbed my arm.

“I'm sorry, I wasn't paying-” I started.  I then saw who it was, it was Yuu.

“Ayra, it's been a while.” Yuu said.  “How's your pilgrimage going?”

“Not bad.” I answered.  “My next stop is Maze Canyon.  What are you doing here?”

“I'm still heading to my home, Intellecton.” Yuu said.  “But I decided to stay here for the day and enjoy this festival.”

“I was planning the same thing.” I said.

“Shall we spend the day together?” Yuu asked.  “Festivals are more fun if you spend it with another person.”

“Okay.” I replied.

So Yuu and I went to a stall where I bought a compass and he got a map of the stalls.

“So, where do you want to go first Ayra?” Yuu asked.

“Hmm, well, looking at the map, I'd say go to the gemstone jewelry stall first.” I said.

“Okay.” Yuu said.

So Yuu and I went to the different stalls and saw all the goods.  I bought a pair of sapphire earrings at the gem jewelry stall.  We then went to the metal goods stall.  There, Yuu bought a heavy chain bracelet.

After that, we headed to a food stall.  I ordered a hot dog and a lemonade.  Yuu bought a hamburger and a soda.  We then went to a sweets stall.  There, I bought something called cotton candy.  I ate it and it was delicious.  We then went to a stall that had cooking tools.  I bought everything needed to make your own cotton candy.

After that, we went to see a stall where they made scented soaps and lotions.  I bought a honey scented lotion and a cotton candy scented soap.  Our next stop was a glass blowing stall.  We watched how they made them.  At the end, I bought a blue glass lotion bottle and Yuu bought a green glass ornament.  He said it was for his mother.  When he said that, I felt a little sad, since my mother was gone.  But I pulled myself together.  My mother wouldn't want me to dwell on that.

The next stall we went to was a pendant making stall.  There, I had a pure silver pendant made with a design of a unicorn on one side and a Pegasus on the other side.

The next place we stopped was a stall that sold leather goods.  I bought a leather coin purse that was decorated with horses and a silver horse head charm for a latch.  Yuu bought a leather belt.

All the while, I was thinking that this must be what it's like to have a friend.

Finally, the last stall we went to was an armor stall.  I didn't buy anything, but Yuu bought a green colored breast-plate.

“Thanks for spending the festival with me Yuu.” I said.  “But I need to go now.”

“You aren't going to stay for the ending play?” Yuu asked.

“No, I need to get going.” I said.  “Maze Canyon is a four day walk from here.  The sooner I get going the better.”

I didn't want to say that the real reason was that I didn't want to see how desperate the people are for me to save them.

“Okay, well, I had fun.” Yuu said.  “Hope to see you again.”

I waved goodbye to Yuu and headed down the path to Maze Canyon.  Meanwhile, Yuu was thinking about me.

'I really did have fun.' Yuu thought.  'That was like a date.  Still, I was able to renew the spells on her bag that hide her presence.  I imagine that seeing that play would only make her feel more pressure to become the Warrior of White Light again.  After she regains her power of Healing, she'll head to the Woods of Misdirection.  I'll tell her who I really am after she talks to the Prophet.'

With that, Yuu started in the direction of the Woods of Misdirection.  But, what I didn't know then, was that my journey was going to be much longer than I thought.  But I must complete my mission; become the Warrior of White Light once more and send the Hell Dragon and the Dark Army to the Void, where all turns to nothing...
Chapter 26
That took some time.  The festival is kind of like the Renaissance Festival.  That's my favorite festival.
It's been a month since I left the Bottomless Lake to get to Managon.  I still had a week's walk to get there.  But I should get there in time for a festival.  I had finished my dinner, a new thing called hot dogs, boiled catniss roots, and carrots in a mustard glaze.

I decided to use the silk I got after I killed the Hell Shark to make a dress.  So I got out my sewing kit.  By the time I was done I had made a navy blue dress that went to below my knees, with a lighter blue scarf-like collar, and a ruffle of the same color as the collar that went from my waist to the bottom of the dress, and navy blue high-heels.  I put that dress and my sewing kit away.

Tonight was a full moon and there was a large pond nearby.  I got out my dress that had a purple collar that covered my neck area, but opened up in a circle above my chest, white silk covering my chest and sides, purple on the area beneath my chest, gold stars that connected to the dress that encircled the area just beneath my shoulders on a thin gold cord, a gold line that went right over my hips and triangulated down, two pieces of purple silk that went to my ankles, one covering the area between my legs and the other all around the back, and they were connected by a thin gold strip right in the middle of my thigh to a gold star on the middle skirt.  I finished the outfit with white strips of cloth that formed a diamond over my wrists and white high heel boots.  It was the dress I had made on my way to Mizun.

I left my tent and activated my protection crystal.  I went to the pond, closed my eyes, and started to dance and sing.  Because my eyes were closed, I didn't notice that the aquamarine in my necklace was glowing and that drops of water, as well as golden sparkles, were left in a trail from where my hands moved.  The moonlight shone on me.  The moonlight caught on the water droplets, creating small rainbows around me.  I didn't notice, I just kept dancing with my eyes closed.  When I stopped dancing and singing, after two hours of it, the moonlight and water droplets disappeared before I opened my eyes.

I went back to my tent and put on my white nightgown with three thin straps at the shoulders, a thin pink bow at the back, frills at the bottom of shirt area, and lacing at the bottom of the skirt, which stopped above my knees.  To add to it, I had a bracelet made out of white bands and a thin white hair tie that tied into a bow.  I got in bed and, as always, my night got interesting.

I was making my way around a strange cavern, holding a compass.  Then, I turned a corner and suddenly there was a whole pack of Dark Soldiers.  As they were about to attack me, my dream changed.

I was in a village where all the people looked tired.  I looked around and saw a lady that everyone was ignoring.  She was running a stall of goods.  I saw what looked like a map at the stall so I walked up to it.

“Hello, my name is ~~~~~~~.” the lady said.  “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I need a map of ~~~~~~~~.” I said.

“You don't seem to be ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~.” she said.  “~~~~~~ are you ~~~~?”

As I was about to tell her, I woke up, gasping for breath.

I got up and did my morning routine.  I put on my new dress and made breakfast, waffles with strawberries and maple syrup with orange juice.  I sat there, thinking about my dreams.

'The first dream was really simple, but the second one bothers me.' I thought.  'I feel like, I don't know, like that place isn't in Alteran.  But that's impossible.  Well, I'm not getting anywhere thinking about this.  I need to get to Managon fast.'

So I packed up after I finished my breakfast and had put away my dishes and whatnot.  I then resumed my path to Managon.  I still wonder what that second dream meant.  I suppose I'll know when it happens...
Chapter 25
I know it's kinda short.  But the next chapter will be longer.
I finally made it to the Bottomless Lake after a 3 day walk from Mizun.  I put on my pink bikini that had dark pink ruffles on the v shaped down my chest and had a bow in the middle, and the bottom was a two layer skirt with dark pink lacing at the top of the first layer and bows on both sides, pink high-heel flip-flops that had a pink bow and ribbons that circled up half way to my knees, an orange bead bracelet on my right wrist, and pink and orange flowers on a light pink ribbon in my hair.  I then put on one of the gel bracelets I bought at Mizun that would allow me to breathe underwater.  As soon as I put it on, it expanded and soon my whole body was covered in a gel.  I then dived into the water and I noticed I could breathe.  I swam down farther until I saw the Shrine.  There was a stone pedestal in front.  I swam to it and heard the voice.

'If you are truly Ayren, place your hand on this stone.  Ayren's touch shall open the passage to the powers of Water.'

I put my hand on the stone.  It lit up with an aqua colored light and I heard a loud noise coming from the Shrine.  I looked and saw the door to the Shrine was open.  I swam through the door and up and found that the inside of the Shrine wasn't full of water.

When I got out of the water, the gel that was covering me disappeared.  I then looked around me.  There was a LOT of water in canals.  There were also things that looked like dams.  I figured I should keep my swimsuit on.

I jumped into the first canal and swam up to the platform in front.  There, I saw that there was a dam that was blocking a door.  So I figured I would have to find a way to move that dam.  I dived back into the canal and climbed up to the platform that was to the left of the front.  I saw what looked like a button on the floor. I went towards it when three Dark Soldiers dropped from the ceiling.  I fought them off and stepped on the button.  I heard a loud noise and saw that the dam had been lifted and all the water was draining.  I then saw that I could pass through the opening and get to the next part of the Shrine.

When I went through, I saw more dams, but I also saw basins with water.  I went to the first area and it had a basin of water, I saw that I could get under the wall in the basin.  I jumped in and came up on the other side of the wall.  I then saw a lever.  I went towards the lever and four Dark Soldiers appeared.  I killed them and pulled the lever.  The water in the basin drained.  I climbed out and saw that some of the water in the passage had drained and I could get to the next platform.

I then went to the next platform, but it had a canal of water that was moving to fast.  I then saw a basin of water.  I swam up the basin and saw a switch on the floor.  Then, three Dark Soldiers appeared.  I killed them and stepped on the switch.  The water in the basin drained out.  I went back up and saw that the water in the canal had drained and I could cross.  I went through the platform and through the door to the next part of the Shrine.

In the next room, there was nothing but colored blocks scattered around the single platform and there was a diagram of a color pattern.  The platform was surrounded by fast moving water.

I went down to the platform and heard a voice.

'The pattern of color must match.  Only then will the flow be halted and part the way to the Power of Water.'

Then, in the middle of the room, a square of light that was divided into other squares started to shine.  I took that to mean that I had to move the blocks to match the diagram.  I started to pull one of the blocks, expecting it to be heavy.  Oddly, it was very light.  Once I managed to get the pattern, the blocks sank into the floor, and the diagram fell, creating a bridge.  I crossed the bridge to the door.  I opened it and saw a wall of water.  I put on the other gel bracelet and was covered in a gel that would allow me to breathe underwater.  I walked into the room.

In the room, I saw the Altar.  There was an aqua blue sphere floating above it.  I swam towards it, then, there was a swirling in the water.  When it stopped, a huge black shark was there.

“I am the Hell Shark, a Hell General of the Dark Army!” it yelled in Ancient Alternion.  “For you to get this far, you must be Ayren!”

“That's right!” I yelled in Ancient Alternion, though my voice sounded a bit different in the water.  “I am Ayren, the Warrior of White Light, here to reclaim the Power of Water I laid to sleep here!”

“You shall die again Ayren!” the Hell Shark yelled.

The battle that ensued was hard.  I kept getting bites from the Hell Shark because he could move faster in the water than I could.  I was slashing away with my Lightning sword artes but, although they caused damage, I still wasn't getting far. Then, time stopped and I heard the voice.

'The weak point Gem is in its mouth!'

Time went back to normal and I quickly channeled a Lightning spell.

"From darkened clouds, come forth!” I chanted.  “Bolt Strike!”

A ball of lightning appeared above the Hell Shark's mouth and shot down bolts of lightning.  One struck the weak point Gem and the Hell Shark dissolved, leaving behind some navy blue silk cloth and some gold coins in a bubble.  I swam over, trailing blood from my many wounds, and took the silk and coins.  When I touched them, they flew into my bag.  I then swam over to the Altar.  There I heard the voice.

'Take back the Power of Water you laid to sleep here.'

The sphere then shone a bright light.  When the light faded, the sphere had turned into an aquamarine.  It floated towards my neck and there was another flash of light.  When the light faded, the aquamarine was beneath the topaz in my necklace. I was surrounded by an aqua blue light and I remembered all my Water spells and weapon artes.  When the aqua blue light vanished, I found that all my wounds were gone.  A sphere of white light appeared to the right of the Altar.  I swam towards it and touched it.  I then found myself in front of the Shrine.  I swam up to the surface.  Once I got there, I got out my tent, took a shower, and put on my normal dress.  I then put my tent away and got out my map.  I determined that the closest Shrine was the Shrine of Purity in Maze Canyon.  I would have to stop at Managon, the city closest to it, to buy a compass.  Managon is the largest city in Alteran, so it holds festivals, hopefully I would get there in time for one.  Managon was a five day walk from here so I started down the path to Managon.

What I didn't know, at the time, was that the Hell Dragon was thinking about me. He knew that I had regained my Power of Water because he sensed the death of the Hell Shark.

'I wish I could go and capture her.' he thought.  'But what I am doing now is more important.  Once this is complete, she'll have no choice but be mine.'

The Hell Dragon started maniacally laughing.  I didn't know it at the time, but, soon enough, I would be faced with a choice that could make or break Alteran...
Chapter 24
Phew, that took a while.  I wonder what the Hell Dragon is doing right now?
I've been spriting for 11-12 years, don't remember which.  So I can do a variety of things.  Here are links to the galleries of my work:

Trainer and Coordinator Cards……

Animated Trainer and Coordinator Cards…


Team Poses…

DPPt style OW sets………

RSE style OW sets…



Battle Sprites……


Well, that's the gist of what I can do.  So, let's get on to the request templates.  Asking you right now, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR GEN 6 POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's a pain in the *** to get pics.  And an even bigger pain to attempt to animate them.  If you can avoid gen 6 Pokemon, please do.  I will still do it but the request will take three times as long to get done.

Trainer Card

1. Name
2. Trainer Sprite you want
3. Which of the cards you want [URL="…"]#/lower case[/URL] or [URL="…"]#/capital[/URL]
4. Which Pokemon(tell me which ones are shiny, if any)
5. Which badges(Kanto, Orange, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos)
6. If you want a custom backround give me a pic
7. Animated or not

Coordinator Card

1. Name
2. Trainer Sprite you want
3. Which of the cards you want [URL="…"]#/letter[/URL](I made all templates)
4. Which Pokemon(tell me which ones are shiny, if any)
5. Star Pokemon
6. Specialty(cool, beauty, cute, smart, tough, all)
7. ID #(if you want a specific one or I'll just do random numbers)
8. Ribbons(cool, beauty, cute, smart, tough, all)
9. If custom backround give me a pic
10. Animated or not


1. Ribbon colors
2. Clasp color(gold, silver, bronze, crystal, Pokemon, etc)
3. Design scheme(Ribbon style, color style)
4. Clasp shape

Team Pose

1. Trainer Sprite
2. Pokemon
3. Words

DPPt style OW set

1. Picture of the person you want

RSE style OW set

1. Picture


1. Sprites
2. Colors
3. Text


1. Color
2. Design

Battle Sprite

1. Picture


Depends on what you want.
* Trainer mugshot

1. Picture

*Trainer Back sprites*

1. Picture of their back

*Secret Base*

1. Type of secret base
2. Which secret base shape…………
3. Which decorations
4. Where decorations go

Okay, so, I was as specific as I could be.  I'll work on the request when I have the time, I have a real life after all.  I'm not charging for anything.  If you have a request, fill out the form and post it on my profile page.  I'll get to it as fast as I can.


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I'm a big Lacus Clyne fangirl. I'm a CompTIA A+ certified computer tech. I'm fluent in Japanese(self taught). I love cooking, singing, baking, writing, reading my 2 dictionaries, and doing pixel art. I love World of Warcraft. I have a Frost Mage, a Blood Death Knight, and a Prot/Holy Pally. I usually have surges of inspiration, then I run dry.

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